Healing Practitioner

Since a young child I have been sensitive to the life force energies of the universe and the spirit world. Having had various experiences with the spirit world, starting as a teenager and young adult, I have always believed in the existence of higher forms of energy.  Today, this metaphysical reality belongs to my world just as strongly as everything I can touch with my hands.

In the meantime I have completed various trainings and further education in this field (you can read more below), among others I have learned Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage. During my treatments at LIV lab I work intuitively and adjust the healing method individually to the needs of my clients.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word referring to the active «life force» of the universe, also known in other cultures as «chi» and «prana».   In the practice of Reiki it is believed that the universe is not just empty space but it is filled with a dynamic conscious energy. The Usui system of Reiki is the channeling of the universal life force energy through the hands.

Reiki and energy healing can be used for a variety of physical, mental, and emotional purposes. However, one doesn’t have to be ill to receive Reiki, one can also receive Reiki simply because it enhances wellbeing and holistic health.

​I work at the Master Practitioner level of Usui Reiki, having received my training from Roger Weston in Australia who’s lineage derives from Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Wanja Twan, and Greg Williamson, and my Master training from Melina Fuhrmann, Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher and Brennan Healing Science Practitioner.

Let’s bring your Energy into balance…

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

During a Thai Yoga massage, your deeper tissues are massaged. I work along your energy lines, accessing energy pressure points and opening energetic blockages that have manifested on a physical level. Your body, your mind and your whole energy are allowed to relax during the massage. You can learn more about it on the LIV lab website.

Education & Trainings in this area

30hr Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage, Training with Juan Carlos Russo, Ubud Bali

100hr SOHA Teacher Training – Chinese Traditional Medicine (Meridians) & Thai Yoga Massage, with Daniela Garza Rios and Carlos Romero, Ubud Bali

Indigenous Schamanistic Practitioner, Training with Gregory Drambour, Arizona California

2015 to 2018:
Mediumship, Psychic & Aura Reading, Spiritual College London England

RYT-500, Advanced Multi Style Yoga & Meditation, Association for Yoga and Meditation, Rishikesh India

RYT-200, Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training, Source of Yoga, Los Angeles California

2012 to 2017:
Reiki Energy & Spirit Healing Practitioner. Levels I & II with Roger Weston, Lineage of Mikao Usui. Master Level III with Melina Fuhrmann, Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher and Brennan Healing Science Practitioner